Check out the live testing of the PFA-95!

The PFA-95 is a force multiplier, operates between 35 psi to 150 psi thereby; just 1 crew member can operate & apply AFFF solution in seconds to the seat of the fire using existing maintained fire main pressure. The ratio controller allows the fire-fighter to set the foam concentrate (1% or 3% or 6%). Most portable foam applicators and inline eductors requires a minimum of 75 psi to operate which do not comply with SOLAS. These old fahion types of equipment are not force multipliers, are cumbersome to operate requiring 3 or more crew members to operate causing unneccessary delay of 5 +/- minutes before AFFF is applied to fight the fire. Per SOLAS & FSS Code, PFA’s must produce 53 cubic feet of low expansion foam (10:1) per minute and operate at a minimum of 36 psi. The PFA must be Type Approved by the maritime administration and/or classification societies to these minimum testing standards.

You can read more on this brochure.

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